Getting your website graded by a professional to see how it is performing might be the best evaluation your business can do right now.

With the pandemic still affecting business and how people purchase things, owning a robust website is just as important today as having a nice store and a sign out front. To get a unique view of your website, the Greensheet can grade out your website quickly and we do this service for free for all current customers.

We look at things like the speed of your website, is it easy to use, how does it show up on search, keywords, and many other functions. Then we combine these factors and assess a score. An A would be a very well-designed and relevant site and the grade of F assigned to a site that functions poorly, is not being seen and generates no sales leads.

Sometimes taking this assessment of your website is the first step in growing sales for your company. Even if you do not directly sell over the internet, having a relevant website that works well generates leads and sales. People often look at your website before doing anything else to contact you.

At the Greensheet, we look at how your website appears to readers and also how it appears to search engines. Often, businesses will use free or nearly-free templates to create something on their own. These sites can look good but on the back end, they are empty and cannot be seen by search engines so you don’t appear on a Google search.

And if even if you get the site looking good and showing up, the criteria to appear at the top on search changes and if you don’t keep up, your site can slip.

To receive your free website evaluation, contact Shannon Corley, our digital specialist, or fill out the form on this page.