After a recent trip to the brake shop that cost a month’s worth of daycare, I figured I would educate myself on changing my own brake pads moving forward. Here is some logic I used to come to that conclusion:

-I can save a lot of money.

-I trust myself to do things right or the way I want them done.

-I have friends who change their brakes and they encourage me to do the same.

-With YouTube and a little research, I can figure out almost anything.

-It’s my car, the more I know about it myself the better.

Sound familiar yet? I meet with small business owners every day and these are some of the same reasons I hear for why they do their own digital marketing or build their own websites internally.

I have seen the results of those typical in-house digital marketing efforts, and it’s tough to see good businesses trying to balance this daunting task while running their operation. But I understand how small businesses end up in this situation. The thought process probably isn’t much different from what sent me down the path of changing my own brakes. And like many business owners, I learned why it makes more sense (for me) to get my car to the professionals.

I may have initially saved money, but when I look at the time spent, the parts required, and some of the frustrations that came along with the project, I decided it would be my first and last time changing my own brakes. The basic concept of changing brakes doesn’t change, but the specific research and steps I took to purchase this vehicle will be different for when I purchase my next vehicle. Manufacturers can also make changes every few years that impact how it should be done. Sounds like Facebook and Google.

I have listed here three reasons you should hire a professional digital agency.


Managing online marketing for any business can be daunting and time-consuming especially if it is not your field of expertise. It doesn’t matter how large or small the business may be. Doing less than what is required becomes a waste of time and energy in today’s digital landscape.

I hate to see Business Facebook or Instagram pages with informational posts but there is no engagement from the community or potential customers. The same goes for a well-designed website that isn’t being optimized for online, specifically by Google standards, or the lack of content to help drive new customers to their business. Unfortunately, I see both too often working with businesses, especially small businesses.

Proper social media management, content creation, reputation management, and website optimization require some strategic planning a few hours each week. And this is just some of the main aspects of effectively running a digital marketing campaign. Regardless of your business type, your time is valuable and can be spent more with the strategic planning of other revenue-generating activities. Let the digital pros do what they do best so you can spend your valuable time doing the same.


 Even for the trained digital marketer, it takes time to manage an effective multi-channel digital strategy.  Attempting to do these campaigns in-house often leads to a lack of ROI from SEO, social media efforts, Google AdWords campaigns, and other online marketing.

It’s common to come across Facebook pages with daily posts, but little to no engagements. The most important engagement of all for Facebook is comments. If your marketing efforts aren’t attracting comments, then you likely aren’t reaching as many people as you want or the message you are trying to convey is not efficient or engaging. What about Google AdWords? According to Blue Corona, businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords. Most importantly is your business reaching or exceeding that kind of level today?

Effective digital marketing requires a level of expertise, strategy, consistency, and understanding of analytics that takes a daily commitment. Success and conversions come from understanding the best practices and how to leverage each channel.

A current example is a recent increase in “zero-click searches.” Your in-house “digital marketer” needs to know what impact this has on your business and what strategy they are going to take to overcome it. Google continues to add search features as in carousels and local packs. Not understanding the various online platforms lead to wasted time, energy and money spent on digital efforts that won’t provide a good Return of Investment, this includes all phases of running a business, YOUR time, YOUR energy and YOUR money.


I am always impressed by that one small business owner who does “figure it out” and learns to implement their SEO strategy or Google AdWords campaign. I’ve met some who are doing a good job with their social media management or staying on top of their Google Analytics.

But even in those cases, the question I always ask is, “What about tomorrow, how much time do you invest in your digital advertisement?” Even the best of digital marketers will tell you it takes a daily effort to stay ahead of the trends and frequent changes that impact everything we do in this digital world. Google alone changes its algorithm more than 600 times per year. Some of those changes are significant and require a pivot for businesses looking to leverage the search platform. Facebook and Instagram algorithms are also changing frequently.

The DIY of digital advertisement, even with the proper approach, isn’t always the best idea. As I was once told, just because we can, doesn’t always mean we should.

And like the brakes on my car, your digital marketing isn’t something you want to risk getting wrong.  There is a lot to lose, your valuable time, energy, money and not to mention the possibility of sending the wrong message about your business. It can be a costly mistake and even put the future of your business in jeopardy. It’s no secret digital marketing is becoming increasingly critical to your success. Let McElvy Media be the partner who can take you to the next level in your digital success. Let’s do it right the first time.


As a partnership, we will help your business reach its marketing goals. Our transparency and reporting allow you to have the luxury of being a part of the process without having to execute the process.

It’s a win-win solution. Give us a call today and we’ll start saving you time, energy and money, while increasing your company profits.

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